Dr. Randall Gillis

Registered Psychologist

Dr. Randall Gillis is a registered psychologist who works from a flexible and collaborative cognitive behavioural therapy framework. She also draws on mindfulness, family therapy and behavioural parent training strategies. Passionate about helping youth and their families to develop positive mental health, Dr. Gillis focuses on developing warm, friendly and trusting relationships. She aims to empower individuals by providing evidence based, practical strategies that can be integrated into everyday life.

Dr. Gillis supports youth with anxiety based challenges (e.g., specific phobias, social anxiety, generalized anxiety, panic, OCD, perfectionism, school refusal), depression, behavioural and self-control challenges (e.g., ADHD, defiance, anger/aggression, emotion regulation challenges), and stressful life and peer situations (e.g., divorce, bullying). She also has extensive experience working with children with autism spectrum disorders (previously working as an ABA behaviour interventionist and completing ASD assessments). In addition, she has worked with youth dealing with medical based challenges, including chronic pain.

Dr. Gillis has practiced in a variety of hospital, community and education settings. She also has a number of years of experience completing comprehensive psychological assessments, including assessments at Sunny Hill Health Center for Children in their Complex Developmental Behavioural Conditions (CDBC) program. She has familiarity with the school systems in the Greater Vancouver region and often finds it beneficial to collaborate with school professionals and other professionals involved in a youth’s care.

Dr. Gillis completed her PhD in clinical psychology at the University of Waterloo, with funding from a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) Canadian Graduate Scholarship. She completed her pre-doctoral residency in Edmonton, working at the University of Alberta Hospital and Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital. Dr. Gillis has published multiple research papers on topics related to child development, in peer reviewed journals. She has also presented her research at a number of child development focused conferences. She enjoys volunteering and is a board member of the Parent Support Society of BC.

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